How a Smok Pen Works

How a Smok Pen Works

smok pen

How a Smok Pen Works

A Smok Pen is a portable, rechargeable, electronic paper shredder. It shreds up documents efficiently and is especially useful for home use. The price is reasonable also it folds down to how big is a small flashlight. It is possible to carry it around in your purse or wallet. There are various brands and models.

I purchased my Smok earlier this season and have been extremely impressed with it. I have been searching for a portable shredder that could not cost an arm and a leg but I finished up finding one that did the work for just the price I was paying. This Smok pen will shred paper around three inches thick without problems at all. It comes with two year guarantee and a carrying case. In addition, it works with most types of papers such as for example plain paper, receipts, and also computer paper.

If you are using a computer then you know how important files and papers are to keep your work documents organized. Computers certainly are a major cause of clutter inside our lives and to avoid that people all have to keep these files and papers out of sight and out of reach. It is sometimes just impractical to take action because storing such a large amount of paper in a small area can be very challenging. However, a Smok pen will solve this issue.

The pen has an electronic shredder included in it which cuts the paper into really small pieces. You just simply transform it on and it will begin shredding papers. It could literally shred up paper as fast since it is inserted into the device.

This pen feels substantial in the hands. It’s quite like you are holding a pen. My first impression was that it was a bit cheap looking, but it doesn’t look that cheap as soon as you hold it. The plastic casing, it really is covered in is thick and rubberized. I Novo 2 have seen some rubberized covers with plastic inside, but I’m pretty sure that this isn’t what this pen’s exterior is made from.

The pen is also fairly lightweight. My girlfriend carried it everywhere with her as she worked and went about her everyday life. I even noticed her attempting to put it down when we were out somewhere eating. Whenever we went to use it at work, I didn’t have any problems using it as she wrote and erased just fine. In fact, she found it simpler to erase everything as she didn’t need to grip the handle as hard as she used to.

The pen has a rechargeable feature. I haven’t had any problems with recharging either. I typically take it with me to work and store it in my own pocket. It’s definitely adopted some space in my own wallet. It gets the job done and you need not be worried about recharging it like I had to.

It really is definitely more convenient than paper shredding. To be able to get rid of many paperwork, this is definitely the way to go. I would suggest getting one if you want something smaller and more compact for shredding. It will save you money and time over paper shreds.

It also writes like a real pen does. A book does an excellent job of writing in writing, just like a regular pen will. It’s easy to use and it cuts through paper really well. You can write on it, shred it, or just pass it along without a hitch. The paper doesn’t wear or tear like paper will sometimes do in fact it is kind of hard to tell if it is on paper on or not.

The pen appears like a pen from your own favorite calligraphy book. It is sleek and stylish. My friends were impressed when they saw it. They asked me how I liked it. I believe I like it so much that I’ll probably get another one for my purse. It’s definitely become my favorite all-purpose writing tool.

It is definitely different from the run of the mill smok pens that you’ve probably had before. I liked the looks and just how it wrote for me personally. My friends thought it looked good too. When comparing a stock pen with a regular pen, I would need to say the standard pen wins every time. If you are looking for a pen that may write like nothing else, then the smok pen might be a good choice so you might consider.